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When we talk about CBD, we are referring to a substance found in the composition of cannabis or marijuana. It must be said that the biggest problem about this plant lies in knowing whether its consumption is legal or not in the country, since it is considered a drug on many occasions.

However, CBD is allowed in Spain, as long as it meets a series of basic requirements. Thus, in the case of wanting to consume this substance it is essential to know the level of THC it has. To understand it better, THC is the substance responsible for causing a psychoactive effect in people, an effect that is illegal. Therefore, for the consumption of CBD to be completely legal, it is very important that the amount of THC it contains does not exceed 0.2%.

Logically, it is recommended that you do not buy the first strain you see because, if it does not meet this percentage, the problems can be quite serious. Hence, it is advisable to purchase this type of products in specialized stores and offer all the guarantees, so, in the case of wanting to buy quality CBD flowers, one of the best establishments today is efectocbd. It is an ecommerce specialized in the sale of industrial hemp rich in CBD, with a wide catalog of flowers that can be purchased quickly from the website itself and sent to the address provided. All this with the highest quality and discretion.


What is legal in Spain in relation to CBD?

As already mentioned, the sale of CBD is legal in the country, although this activity must be duly registered and, in addition, the products sold must contain the permitted percentage of THC.

It must be said that this substance is legal mainly when it is used for external applications, that is, when it is presented in the form of creams or oils. For this reason, it is common that the products associated with this substance are closely related to the improvement of diseases and skin conditions, as it is also widely used in cosmetics.

For its part, the oil has other uses due to all the properties it possesses. Thus, it is often used to alleviate symptoms caused by mental illnesses, also to combat stress, anxiety and depression or even, sometimes, it is used as a treatment to improve the pain of people who have cancer.

In any case, for these purposes, the products marketed must be regulated by the Medicines Agency.


What happens with flowers?

In the case of talking about cbd flowers, then, it can be said that they are consumed in other formats, knowing that they are also given very many uses. In this way, the flowers can be smoked, just as they are allowed to be consumed through vaporization methods.

Likewise, some users use the flowers in the kitchen, to bake certain foods.

Similarly, it is common to take the flowers in infusion, usually combined with some herbal tea or with water or milk. And, in addition, being flowers, sometimes users dry them and use them as a decorative element.


What are the main properties of CBD?

As is well known, CBD is a substance that has been used for medicinal purposes for quite some time, due to all the therapeutic properties it has. Thus, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuroprotective properties can be highlighted.

There is also talk of antioxidant, antiemetic and anticonvulsant properties, as well as anxiolytic and antipsychotic, among others.


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